Receive World-Class Career Preparation

The ESSEC Global MBA Career Services Team continuously works towards building partnerships with major companies and institutions in the corporate world.

We will support you in developing the skills you need to be exceptional candidates for world-class recruiters. Thanks to the engagement of alumni, HR and executive search firms, our team is able to kickstart your career in your desired industry and help you achieve your goals.

Career Services in the Global MBA


Global MBA participants will benefit from tailored and individualized initiatives adapted to their needs:

  • Mentoring Program
  • Online job board
  • Mock interviews with HR professionals
  • Networking events with alumni
  • Company visits

Global MBA participants also have access to the comprehensive Career Services offer at ESSEC, including: 

  • Workshops
  • CV review sessions
  • K-Lab Consultation Corner
  • Online resources
  • Events and career fairs
  • One-to-one appointments with Career Consultant

Career Week

The Career Week acts as a bridge between the Global MBA participants and their future careers. Over two days the students have three professional interviews: with a recruitment manager, a headhunter and a career coach allowing them to receive feedback on their strengths and weaknesses. It is designed to get insider tips on how to succeed their career, acquire valuable job search strategies and give students the opportunity to network with potential future employer.


The Career Services at ESSEC are one of the key pillars of the program. The strong links that the program enjoys within the luxury industry become crystal clear when one gets exposed not only to distinguished people within the top luxury brands / conglomerates but also, to ever helpful alumni who are steadily making a mark in the respective luxury companies that they work in. I have been able to nurture many a relationship across the industry and the genesis of everything, I must say, lies with the opportunities that the Career service cell initially provided within the MBA program.”

Sushanta Das, class of 2011, Director of Operations and
Control at DFS Group Limited Middle East

What’s the ROI?

With 52% of graduates changing sector and 54% of graduates changing function after the program, the Global MBA has proven to be a catalyst contributing significantly towards the professional goals of participants.

Given the international exposure and diversity of the program, Global MBA graduates have gained employment in key markets across the globe:

Looking to find out more about the career outcomes of our graduates?

Download the Global MBA Employment Report

Join a Worldwide Network of Excellence

Become one of the 55,000 Alumni around the world

Logo ESSEC AlumniThe ESSEC Alumni association currently consists of over 55 local chapters around the globe. This active network engages regularly with students, organizing events throughout the year, maintaining an exclusive directory of contacts, and promoting partnerships between current and former ESSEC students and the global business community. This is true in all sectors covered by our majors. For example, the International Luxury Brand Management major offers a great network of alumni in various luxury companies at different levels of management thanks to the 600 Luxury Brand Management alumni worldwide educated at ESSEC over the last 22 years.  Luxury alumni regularly host cocktail evenings and get-togethers where current students are also invited.

ESSEC Alumni website

In the same vein, the AAIMHI is the Alumni Association of Hospitality Management specialists, which operates independently from the school and serves over 1,500 alumni spanning 45 nationalities and 55 countries. With more than 30 years of experience, IMHI offers a great network of alumni in the various subfields of hospitality at various seniority levels.

When you join ESSEC Business School, you join a community; yours! You will discover within the community, the power of the ESSEC network.

The ESSEC Alumni network already comprises 55 000 graduates with diverse profiles dispersed across all corners of the world. Each individual is unique, but they share a common goal - to achieve their career objectives.

As you enter ESSEC, you become a member of ESSEC Alumni and you remain one forever. This is, in principal, the lifetime membership that ESSEC, as a French Business school with a global reach, has been the first to put in place.

At each step, before and after your course, ESSEC Alumni serves as a support to:

  • Find an internship or a job in France, Singapore, or worldwide
  • Manage your professional progression
  • Switch career paths, become an entrepreneur or an independent consultant
  • Facilitate exchange with professionals with common goals
  • Maintain contact with your cohort and the community

Discover all the services and facilities offered by ESSEC Alumni here.

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