What makes the program unique?

ESSEC Global MBA offers an overall emphasis on international markets, designed to give you within a year, the tools and knowledge necessary to be successful in today’s competitive market.

You will have the privilege of being taught by ESSEC’s world-renowned faculty, comprised of more than 160 individuals representing 36 nationalities and the world’s most prestigious institutions. The program relies on international professors who are experts in their individual fields and will enrich the experience through case studies that draw on each of the sectors.

Leaders are Born and So Are You!

Networking Events

 You will get the opportunity to have one to one conversations with 175 Alumni and Industry Leaders. These unique moments provide you with not only networking but also mentoring moments. You will also get the chance to interact with MBA participants from other business schools in France with our association with AMBA.

Mentor program

You will be paired with an experienced executive in your sector of interest who serves as a mentor throughout the year. The mentor’s role is to offer insight into career prospects and opportunities in your field, as well as support in defining your professional ambitions and in building networks

Leadership Training

During three days of integration into the ESSEC Global MBA, you will be immersed in sustainability issues and leadership challenges. ESSEC takes great pride in exploring new training and teaching techniques. In order to stay abreast of current sustainability trends and issues, the location may change from one year to the next. Over the course of this three-day adventure, you will form a strong bond with the other members of the cohort. This bond will carry you through the year and well into your future.

Experience hands-on learning

Digital Week Competition in France

The ESSEC Global MBA truly prepares you for the Digital Transformation and technological innovations that continue to transform our world of work. During the ESSEC Digital Week Competition, you will work in mixed teams on a consulting project for real companies concerning a digital challenge, and present a professional proposal at the end of the week in front of a panel of company representatives.

Business Trips

Field trips will enable you to understand contemporary business challenges in different socio-economic and cultural contexts. During the second term, you will embark on a week-long field trip, the location of which changes year to year. This field trip is a mix of cultural and professional activities to help you explore how business is conducted in different countries. During this trip, you will complete an industry-focused research project, visit companies, and meet local ESSEC alumni. This year, business trips are organized to key European destinations.

All trips are to be confirmed and subject to change or rescheduling according to the evolution of the present pandemic.

Discover the ESSEC Field trips through the below video:

Deep-dive into your industry of interest

The ESSEC Global MBA program provides you with the building blocks you need to transform your career and your leadership potential. This intensive one year full-time program is designed to give you the best business knowledge required to succeed in the ever changing world of today.


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