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The Marketing Department provides students in the different ESSEC programs with a general grounding in marketing as well as advanced courses in the various marketing fields, such as consumer behavior and market research. Students can also take specialized courses in different sectors through the department’s four Chairs.


Research conducted by Marketing Department Faculty focuses on topics including business strategy, consumer behavior and marketing decision support and has been published in some of the most highly regarded academic journals. Marketing department professors have published in Journal of the American Statistical Association, Journal of Marketing Research, Marketing Science, Journal of Consumer Research, Psychology & Marketing and International Sports Marketing.


The department has 23 full-time faculty, 2 adjunct professors and 27 part-time lecturers from both the business world and doctoral program.

Associated Centers of excellence, Research Chairs and centers

Fast Moving Consumer Goods Chair

The Fast Moving Consumer Goods Chair was the first Chair created at ESSEC in 1985. The objectives of the chair were bold for the time: they were to regroup actors from the worlds of academia and industry around a single educational objective. Today, the Chair has become a center for excellence in France in training young people for careers in the world of consumerism. Indeed, it has created over the years a unique and dedicated community of teachers and business executives who work daily to help the next generation of actors in this sector grow through an ambitious program of courses, seminars, meetings, and research.

LVMH Chair

The LVMH Chair, founded in January 1991 by ESSEC and LVMH Moët Hennessy - Louis Vuitton Group, is an educational and research program that specializes in luxury brand management. ESSEC was the first French Business School to create a Chair specifically dedicated to the luxury industry. As a specialized track of teaching and research in luxury brand management, the objective of the Chair is to provide MSc in Management students with a unique program combining: Practical as well as theoretical knowledge related to various dimensions of luxury brand management, through lectures given by ESSEC Professors as well as senior executives and managers from the LVMH group or the luxury industry at large. It also gives participants hands-on experience through company visits, a field project and a professional internship.

Communication and Brand Strategies / Sales and Marketing Strategy Chairs

The Sales and Marketing Strategy Chair’s founding companies, which produce consumer, industrial or technical goods, help students seeking a career in sales to enhance their skills as negotiators and organizers. It focuses on all sales and marketing levers that create value for companies beyond the traditional marketing mix focused products. It also enables students to deepen their knowledge and learn more about the experience of professionals.

Information and contact

Seminars on current issues

Contact: Christelle Dubaille Tel. +33 (0) 1 34 43 33 60

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