Today, ESSEC counts more than 700 partner companies. To meet the specific needs of its partners, ESSEC proposes a full range of services.

Recruit our students and young graduates

Publish internship offers, apprenticeships, and international voluntary work schemes on a single platform.

Verify and authenticate ESSEC degrees via two tools

  • VerifDiploma enables companies that wish to recruit ESSEC graduates to certify degrees from the Global BBA, MSc in Management and Advanced Master’s programs. This paid service works in close collaboration with ESSEC.

  • an innovative system using the Blockchain Bitcoin, allows companies to visualize an ESSEC degree and to verify the authenticity of the subsequent ESSEC degrees that it receives. This application, currently being tested on a sample of degrees, is free.

Recruit a student under apprenticeship

In 1993, ESSEC Business School became one of the first management schools to offer its students apprenticeship opportunities.

Since then, more than 5,000 students have been trained through the scheme and over 1,000 businesses and organizations have welcomed ESSEC apprentices.

The school has spent the last 20 years developing degree programs that alternate in-company experience with coursework, leveraging the synergy between the school and businesses in training future managers. In addition to acquiring professional skills (two thirds of students are offered their first job by the company that trained them as an apprentice), apprenticeships help students finance their studies.

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