A one-year personalized and agile experience

Welcome to the ESSEC Global MBA!

The world needs innovative, responsible, and digital-savvy leaders – leaders who are ready to enlighten, lead, and change the world. The ESSEC Global MBA program is designed to take you on a transformative journey in becoming a global leader in which you will experience a high-impact and high-return career.

ESSEC’s next-generation, personalized curriculum focusing on sustainability, digital leadership, and innovation & entrepreneurship goes hand-in-hand with powerful career learning labs. These one-of-a-kind career learning labs allow you to put your personalized career aspirations to work in one (or two) high-growth options: luxury, finance, consulting, or product management.

No matter your aspirations, our ESSEC Global MBA has a career accelerating experience waiting for you. Our program is suited to you whether you aspire to be a digitally savvy product manager in the luxury industry; a sustainability-minded consultant; a financially focused analyst for novel digital technologies or… any other personalized combination of our electives and career learning labs.

We are a boutique program. We bring in a relatively small, high impact, collaborative, and global cohort every year. Our aim is to partner with you as you accelerate your career and your leadership capacities. You become a part of the ESSEC family.

We invite you on this journey to enlighten, lead, and change!

Customize your MBA

ESSEC Global MBA offers an overall emphasis on international markets, designed to give you within a year, the tools and knowledge necessary to be successful in today’s competitive market.

You will have the privilege of being taught by ESSEC’s world-renowned faculty, comprised of more than 160 individuals representing 36 nationalities and the world’s most prestigious institutions. The program relies on international professors who are experts in their individual fields and will enrich the experience through case studies that draw on each of the sectors.

GMBA program structure

Customize your MBA to align with your personal and professional aspirations. 

Combine core courses, electives and a career learning lab

Core courses will allow you to deep dive into strategic topics, while electives will enable you to personalize your program. In the meantime, you will choose up to two Career Learning Lab(s), and benefit from industry specific workshops, networking opportunities, and global learning expeditions. By the end of your curriculum, apply all your acquired skills to an internship, a venture project or a global field project.

Become a global leader

Core courses

Sustainable Transformations | Digital Disruption | Innovation & Competitive Advantage
Leading People & Organizations | Negotiations | Influence & Presentation Skills | Marketing Management | Strategic Management | Operations Management Data Science for Business | Power BI | Tableau | Financial Accounting | Managerial Accounting | Financial Management | Economic Analysis for Business


Customize your journey to a high impact career 

The world needs global business leaders who can resiliently face the great challenges and seize the opportunities of today’s
economy: sustainability, digitalization, and innovation. With an ESSEC Global MBA, you will become the global leader the world
needs. We partner with you to provide a globally integrated journey that transforms you into an innovative, responsible, and
digital-savvy leader prepared to succeed in high-return and high-impact careers.
The ESSEC Global MBA integrates sustainability, digitalization, and innovation across core courses. You also can personalize your journey by “mixing and matching” electives across these three areas:

  • Sustainability
  • Digital Leadership
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship


Businesses are experiencing a renewed sense of responsibility for both social and ecological challenges. With this shift comes a committed search for business-trained talent with a deep knowledge of these challenges as well as the best tools and practices for increasing sustainability.

  • Example courses: Sustainable transformation, Circular Economy in Supply Change, Sustainable Marketing, Sustainable Finance, etc.

  • Targeted roles: ESG (Environment, Society, and Governance) Consulting, Leading a Sustainable Supply Chain Function, or Analyzing Impact Investing, etc.

Digital Leadership

Digital is “the” way of doing business now and for the future. Businesses need not only digital skills, but also strategic talent that can lead organizations in aligning digital strategy with digital transformation.

  • Example courses: Implementing AI, Fintech, Digital Marketing, and/or How to lead digital transformations, etc.

  • Targeted roles: Digital Product Manager, Digital Strategy Consultant, or Business Intelligence Manager, etc.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Growth and innovation are inherent aspects of business. Therefore, businesses require talent with the skills to lead innovation and growth at large organizations, as well as leaders who can work with fast-growing startups and scale-ups – while possibly becoming entrepreneurs themselves.

  • Example courses: Entrepreneurial Finance, Growing a Brand, Innovation Management, etc.

  • Targeted roles: Venture Capital Analyst, Brand Leader, or Innovation Consultant, etc.


Across these three key topics, you may have a career goal of contributing more specifically in roles aligned in Finance. The ESSEC Global MBA allows you to choose a Finance elective cluster. This is the power of the ESSEC Global MBA! The power to personalize your career journey across, industry sectors, and roles.

Accelerate your career by building on ESSEC’s “savoir faire” in a Career Learning Lab experience

Accelerate your career by building on ESSEC’s “savoir faire” in a Career Learning Lab experience In order to succeed in your job, you need to be equipped with the necessary skillset and know the ins and out of our industry.

Given ESSEC’s strengths and “savoir faire” (“know how”) with our extensive Alumni network and ESSEC experts, we have curated four unique career learning labs for you.

Focus on high impact roles or high-growth industries:

  • Luxury
  • Finance
  • Consulting
  • Product Management

In your chosen career learning lab, you will experience workshops from seasoned leaders and professionals, projects in which you network with potential employers, and international learning  expeditions getting to know the cutting- edge practices and processes.

Do you need to know your choice of career learning lab when you apply?

No. The more specific your career ambitions the better, however, we will partner with you so that within the first term you will be able to choose your concentration and career learning lab.

Boost your leadership skills

From day one, you will focus on developing your ability to enlighten, lead, and change the world around you. At the ESSEC Global MBA, we believe that a more sustainable, digitally-connected, and innovative world requires leaders to integrate collaboration and competition as well as creativity and execution.

Through signature developmental experiences, we implement a “do, reflect, and learn” approach to building your leadership competencies. From our “Sustainability for Common Good” project in the first term to the final “Global Business Simulation,” you will put into practice ESSEC’s belief that the grand business challenges can only be met via collaborative and ‘future-forward’ leadership.

You will also be coached through this process. At the beginning of your ESSEC Global MBA journey, you will participate in a 360-degree leadership assessment, make personalized leadership improvement goals, and receive feedback and coaching throughout your journey to track your progress.

Accelerate your career by applying your knowledge

By embracing agility, opt for diverse experiential pathways that enable hands-on learning, international exposure and entrepreneurial exploration. Consider internships, global field projects or venturing projects.


The internship will enable you to gain practical experience in the specific field of your choice, applying theoretical knowledge, acquiring new skills, and developing your professional networks.

Global Field Project

The Global Field project is specifically designed to give you hands-on experience working with a team on a real-life business problem, enabling you to apply and demonstrate your newly acquired skills and knowledge. Depending on your interest, the topic is defined in collaboration with sponsoring companies.

Venturing Project

Do you have a business idea you want to bring to life? Reveal your inner entrepreneur! At ESSEC, Entrepreneurship is in our DNA. In the Venturing Project, you will take your business idea and go through ESSEC Ventures' 'lean startup' process to create a viable and scalable business model - setting you up for success. Given the project's high-risk / high-reward nature, we take only a select number from each cohort. Your project will receive support via:

  • Coaching from ESSEC Ventures' experienced advisors
  • Mentoring from ESSEC Ventures' extensive network of successful alumni entrepreneurs
  • Possible admission to be incubated via ESSEC's incubator at Station F - the world's largest start-up incubator

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