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Is prior professional experience required?

Although prior professional experience is not a mandatory requirement, having some
relevant work experience does help you with your application to get into the program.

How important are the recommendation letters?

Recommendations letters are very important as they provide objective insights into your
personality, strengths and interests. Those that stand out outline concrete examples of how
one lives up to the recommendations given. You should therefore select referees who know
you best and have the experience of working with you either academically or professionally.
It is much better to have a reference from someone who knows you than from someone you
have selected due to their position.

Is a certain level of French required for the program?

While students have the chance to learn French during the program, MMD does not require
any French proficiency as it is taught entirely in English. English is also the lingua franca in


What does the class timetable/schedule look like?

Classes are conducted between Mondays and Fridays during these slots: 9 am – 12 pm;
1.15 pm - 4.15 pm; and 4.30 pm - 7.30 pm. Your timetable depends on the core courses and
electives you take.

How long is the internship and when can we start?

Internships last 4 to 6 months and they usually take place after the final term has ended.
Students start sourcing for internships as early as while they are in the program. Our Career
Services Team is there to guide you with your internship sourcing.

Student Life

How does ESSEC help me upon arrival?

Once you have confirmed your seat in the program, the Office of the Registrar will provide
you with the necessary information to complete your administrative enrolment. All new

students undergo an induction, which includes an overview of the program structure and
curriculum, academic and administrative guidelines, student life and career services.

What student clubs exist in ESSEC? What if I want to start a new club?

There are numerous cultural, professional, community and athletic clubs at ESSEC APAC.
Please click here for more info.

How can I find accommodation in Singapore? Does ESSEC Asia-Pacific offer accommodation?

The School does not offer accommodation but fret not as finding accommodation in Singapore is easy. The School provides support in your search for the ideal housing option that meets your needs and budget. Please visit our blogsite for more info.


Career guidance & prospects

Can I get a Long Term Visit Pass (LTVP) in Singapore at the end of the program?

Yes, subject to having already obtained a Student's Pass in Singapore, which comes with a FIN number that is used to apply for the Long Term Visit Pass (LTVP) in Singapore. The student must also be in Singapore with a valid pass (Student's Pass or Visit Pass with at least 10 days remaining) when they submit the application.

The LTVP allows foreign students to remain in Singapore for one year after finishing their studies in Singapore to look for employment opportunities (This applies even if the student has done only a trimester at the end of his/her program in Singapore).

For more information regarding the application process, please visit this page.

How and where do I find internships in Asia?

The Career Services in Singapore is very active and well connected. They organise many events and tend to have a smaller more responsive network of partner companies. ESSEC is well known in the region and has a good reputation with the companies who know and work with us. The school is constantly working to establish more partnerships and networks. Past students have worked in a huge variety of sectors and tend to be based in Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Dubai, etc. As an intern, salaries are low but as a graduate, starting salaries are relatively high and you progress very quickly, more so than maybe in Europe.

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