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ESSEC EMBA Study Trip to São Paulo, Brazil

The purpose of one of the core modules in the ESSEC & Mannheim Executive MBA Asia-Pacific Program is to develop a deeper understanding of one of these three regions (Africa, the Middle East, Latin America) as a future powerhouse. The Class of 2017 chose Latin America and embarked on a one-week Study Trip to Sao Paulo, Brazil, of which 3 days were dedicated to this topic.
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An Asia-focused Executive MBA

Career progression doesn’t just take its own course. It is created by arming yourself with the right tools and education that harness your individual experience. Even senior leaders must constantly learn to adapt to the challenges of the constantly evolving economy to propel their business growth. To that end, the ESSEC and Mannheim Executive MBA Asia-Pacific is designed to help participants take leadership to the next level.
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ESSEC & MANNHEIM Executive MBA profile feature: Rany Pa 

Bolder, Better, Stronger: One Woman’s Next-Level Career Journey
For Rany Pa, enrolling in the ESSEC & Mannheim Executive MBA Program was one of the best decisions she’s made—for both her personal and professional development. And even after 20 years in the banking industry, she’s found better, more effective ways to excel at what she does.
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How to Get Your Employer to Support Your EMBA

For seasoned professionals in senior positions who cannot afford to leave their job to study full-time, an Executive MBA (EMBA), which allows you to work and study concurrently, might be the solution. Though the rewards of an EMBA are large, any employer releasing an employee for the program will have two major concerns: If performance at work will be compromised and how the business will eventually benefit. Inside ESSEC, the business school found that the conversations that tend to be most effective are those where EMBA hopefuls talk about what they believe and what values the EMBA will bring to them.
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