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The Ascending Dragon: from Vietnam to the Global Stage with ESSEC Business School

For the students of ESSEC Business School in Singapore, Anh Kiet Nguyen and Minh Canh Nguyen are flying the Vietnamese flag high in an internationally diverse campus. But how did the French school, founded more than a century ago, transform their career ambitions into reality? The answer is a global one.
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Study Global Business from the safest city in the world, Singapore

ESSEC Business School has been leading the forefront of global businesses. This time, through an Asian lens in Singapore. Learn how the Global Bachelor of Business Administration program is lighting the trail of Asia’s dominance in one of the safest, most liveable, and competitive cities in the world.
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Prof. Reetika Gupta: "ESSEC students stand out from the crowd"

Prof. Reetika Gupta, Associate Academic Director of the Global BBA Asia-Pacific, explains what are the benefits to start the program in Singapore.
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COVID-19: an opportunity to revolutionise Learning at ESSEC

ESSEC is a renowned business school ranked among the top 10 in Europe. Besides a network of internationally diverse students, it offers exchange opportunities with 170 partners and internships anywhere in the world. Even against the pandemic, ESSEC continues to deliver the same global experience to its students.
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The globetrotting life of a Global BBA Student at ESSEC

ESSEC Business School graduates are arguably a recruiter’s favorite because of their open-mindedness, passion, and inventiveness. Find out what it’s like to be part of a global business school and precisely what makes ESSEC graduates so highly sought-after.
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Unlocking the Power of Language at ESSEC Business School

Philosopher Roger Bacon once said: “Knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom.” True to this sentiment, at ESSEC Business School, the knowledge of languages is the key to opportunities across the globe.
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Decisions in a Time of COVID: Why ESSEC Business School?

Singapore’s world-class infrastructure and healthcare system, coupled with the innovativeness and adaptability of ESSEC’s campus in Asia, have allowed a quality learning experience to continue through these uncertain times.
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How To Get Into A Top European Business School

As one of the world’s top business schools, ranked within the top 10 in Europe, one can expect the admissions criteria at ESSEC to be selective and demanding. The Student Ambassadors from its Asia-Pacific campus share their experiences applying and enrolling in this prestigious institution.
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Ways to Maximize Your Internship According to ESSEC Student Ambassadors

To equip students with real-world experience and lessons outside of the classroom, ESSEC Business School requires its Global Bachelor of Business Administration (GBBA) students to take on at least three internships. Hear from the Student Ambassadors on how to use these opportunities to develop your competitive edge.
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ESSEC Business School’s Connection With the World 

With campuses in Singapore, France, and Morocco, ESSEC Business School is strategically positioned as a gateway to the Asian, European, and African markets. Learn how its program is designed to give its students the key – not just to these continents, but to the world.
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Top Benefits of Blended Learning

In the last few months, blended learning — where online learning is combined with traditional place-based classroom methods — has become a mainstay. How will this benefit current and future students?
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What is the ESSEC Global BBA?

The ESSEC Global Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program nutures global business leaders who are well-supported by our prestigious academic, corporate and alumni networks. Our students also obtain significant professional experience via global internships and international exposure through our inter-mobility campus and exchange programs.
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Learn About Our ESSEC Global BBA Graduates

The ESSEC Global Bachelor of Business Administration (GBBA) is a rigorous program designed for high-acheiving undergraduates planning to pursue an international career. By drawing on the expertise of our world renowned faculty and network of international partners, it prepares responsible, entrepreneurial and multi-lingual young leaders. It combines a cutting-edge academic curriculum with a uniquely intensive international exposure and a rich professional experience. 
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From the Parent's Perspective: Forging Dreams and Unlocking Ambitions

22-year-old Simran Hathiramani first stepped through the gates of ESSEC Asia-Pacific in 2018. Today, she has made it to the coveted Dean’s List every single semester and is about to complete her Global Bachelor of Business Administration (GBBA). We speak to Simran and her father, Mukesh Hathiramani, about how ESSEC has made her who she is today.
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From the Parent's Perspective: Building Confidence to Take on the World

After living in China, North America, and Japan, Yuanyuan Cai finally joined the ESSEC Asia-Pacific Singapore campus. The 24-year-old completed her studies at ESSEC in 2020 and has gone on to pursue a Master in Public Policy while interning at a global consulting firm. She and her parents share how ESSEC has guided her to where she is now.
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Preparing Yourself for the Future of Work with the ESSEC Global BBA Program

Wondering where demand for talent will come from in 2021? LinkedIn’s latest Singapore Jobs on the Rise report sheds light on key trends that have emerged from Covid-19 and its resulting structural shifts. Understanding them will allow you to equip yourself with the relevant skills to prepare for the jobs of the future. We summarize some key findings from the report and introduce our Global Bachelor in Business Administration (GBBA), voted #1 in France by leading publications Le Point and L'Etudiant and Parcoursup’s university application platform for French high school students. Globally, ESSEC is in the top 6% for Business & Management Studies (QS World University Rankings 2021). 
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A Business Education Can Take You Places

COVID-19 literally changed the way we live and work overnight, and while we still do not know how the economic crises will evolve and how mindsets will need to change post-pandemic, we know that being adaptable and resilient are key if we are to secure a job post-graduation. Employers will be looking for employees with a specific set of skills to adapt to the new normal – they may not be “new” skills, but they are more relevant now than ever.
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Why you should pursue an international degree even during Covid-19

If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s that we live in a highly globalised world where everything is connected. We buy food that comes from all corners of the globe, we have companies with headquarters overseas, and some of us have family members living abroad. It’s precisely because our economies and societies are deeply intertwined that even in these trying times, we need more connectivity, not less.
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Why an education in global business at ESSEC Business School is the future

During this difficult period, we often hear about companies restructuring to cope with the pandemic, so it’s a great time to think about an education that will help you adapt quickly to a ‘new normal’. An education in business will not only give you ample employment flexibility, it’ll also give you the skills needed to be an entrepreneur who can take advantage of any economic situation.
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Have too many interests? Here’s an education that can help you make the most of them

These days, the idea of “jack of all trades, master of none” no longer holds water. In the modern knowledge economy, people with “too many interests” are way more likely to succeed than those with highly specific skills. In fact, take a look at some of the most successful people, like Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Steve Jobs. What do they have in common apart from their riches and success? It’s the fact that they’re all polymaths – individuals whose knowledge spans a substantial number of fields from science to technology and the arts.
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The Flexibility of ESSEC's Global BBA

ESSEC’s Global BBA progarm is all about flexibility, allowing students to customize their curriculum according to their unique personality and interests.
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