Corporate Relations at ESSEC Asia-Pacific

Helping to shape your successful life journey

Bridging links between corporations and ESSEC

For nearly 40 years, the ESSEC Corporate Relations team has developed long-lasting relationships with companies worldwide.

Our objectives in Asia-Pacific:

  • Augment partnerships with multinational and regional corporations
  • Delve into new placement opportunities and stay updated with talent development trends
  • Provide ESSEC candidates with career guidance and support to refine their career plans and facilitate entry into the working world

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Tools and services provided by the team include: 

  • Events such as career round tables, get-togethers and professional talks providing students with the opportunity to connect with and learn from experienced professionals 
  • Interview, CV and LinkedIn workshops with career orientation guidance
  • Career fairs

Examples of past Career Fairs organized at ESSEC:

  • International Recruitment Day Europe
  • International Finance Job Fair
  • Recruiting Fair in Shanghai
  • Consulting & Finance Recruitment
  • Law Fair Paris
  • ESSEC Asia-Pacific Get together Career in Finance/Get together
  • International Recruitment Day
  • Start-up & Growth Companies Fair

Examples of past professional talks at ESSEC Asia-Pacific

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