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Student associations

Over the years, the successive batches of ESSEC Business School students have founded and run more than 100 clubs and associations with a wide variety of themes: sporting, cultural, humanitarian, international…: there is something for everyone!

Thanks to this brochure, a glance is enough to identify the associations and clubs that will have your preference: a ranking by themes, then by representation on the campuses of Cergy, Singapore and Rabat is proposed to you. 

ESSEC France Campus - Paris area

 ESSEC France Campus - indoors

At just 35 minutes from the bustling business district La Défense, stands the iconic ESSEC France Campus. Located in the second largest student area around Paris and housing over 27,000 students, the France campus provides everything you need to develop and enjoy your academic career to the fullest.

The campus is a very modern home to our 4,000 students: they use the latest technologies in our Knowledge Lab, enjoy a nice meal together in the restaurant Between Us and of course relax and socialize in the Foy’s bar. Our students are very diverse and active: there are over 100 student associations you can join!

Playing the Piano

Most importantly, however, next to great facilities and modern infrastructures, the ESSEC France campus is renowned for the power of its programs. Expect nothing short of top-of-the-bill educational programs provided by the world’s best professors. Your development won’t stop at the classroom door either: 1,500 managers yearly come and recruit our students during events. Next to that, at the ESSEC France campus, we have our very own two incubators at the heart of our entrepreneurial ecosystem: ESSEC Ventures and Antropia ESSEC. In other words: you can directly put your most creative and innovative ideas to the test, do internships and apprenticeships at world-changing companies of France, while immersed in the rich French culture (and pick up French, while you’re at it…!)

Choose the ESSEC France Campus, if:

  • You are attracted to the rich French culture and the French language;
  • You want to enjoy the strong established ties to the industry and business community, like no other school in France can provide (ranked number 1);
  • You enjoy a melting pot of cultures, languages and diversity in the classroom;
  • You look forward to learning from and working with some of science and business’ finest;
  • You look forward to - next to studying - enjoying the plethora of wonderful experiences Paris has to offer.

ESSEC Asia-Pacific Campus - One-North, Singapore

ESSEC Asia-Pacfic Campus - front entrance

Proudly representing South-East Asia, one of the most dynamic, fast-growing and economically promising parts of the world, is the Republic of Singapore: home to a booming technology sector, a startup ecology that’s picking up strength and speed, and a few of the most advanced cities in the world. Without a doubt, Singapore - as the link between Asia, Europe, and North America, has experienced astonishing growth in development and economic prosperity in the past decades.

At the heart of the One-North area, a district dedicated to advancing research, education, and entrepreneurialism, stands the ESSEC Asia-Pacific campus. The 6,500 square meters campus is brand new: after opening in May 2015, students and teachers alike develop their careers at the edge of modern technology. The focus is truly on the future: the new campus has been built with the environment in mind and is awarded the Green Mark Platinum Award by the Building and Construction Authority in Singapore.

ESSEC Asia-Pacific Campus

If you choose to study at this very safe and elegant campus, expect the strong presence of multinational firms that can provide access to the promising future of Asia. Like all campuses of ESSEC, the level of the educational systems is world-class. You could use your experience at the Asia-Pacific campus as a gateway into Asia, or as a rich experience to boost your career in other parts of the world. Whatever your choice will be: once you are part of our diverse community of students, trained in a stable, yet vibrant economy with the typically Sngaporean high ease of doing business, you will be optimally prepared to take future challenges head-on.

Choose the Asia-Pacific Campus if:

  • You are attracted to immense potential Singapore as a gateway to Asia has to offer;
  • You enjoy being part of a diverse group of students, pursuing a degree in a world-class educational system;
  • You wish to immerse yourself in a blend between East and West, in a safe and secure environment with top-of-the-bill infrastructure;
  • You are ready to reap the benefits of a fast-growing and welcoming economy, full of business opportunities;
  • You would like to add the Asian way of doing business to your portfolio of competencies.

ESSEC Africa Campus - Rabat, Morocco

Studying in Morocco

In the conjunction of Europe, the Middle-East, and Africa, Morocco provides a truly unique blend of Mediterranean, Arabic and African influence. Morocco serves as an economic hub, influencing all of West- and Sub-Saharan Africa with its steady growth and powerful culture. Praised for its rich cuisine, nice climate year-round and very affordable living costs, the capital city of Rabat is just twenty kilometres away from our brand new ESSEC Africa campus.

This brand new campus is at Plage de Nation, with state-of-the-art facilities. At 3,500 square meters, the new campus welcomes 500 new ESSEC students yearly to its academic community and its research executed in partnership with Ecole Centrale in Casablanca and other Moroccan academic institutions, such as the International University of Rabat. Choosing this campus will mean you can quickly head for the beach after studying (just a 15-minute walk!), or enjoy sporting facilities such as soccer, golf and surfing. While the language of teaching at the campus is French, you will also pick up on English and Arabic: three of the world’s top languages that will provide you access to very profitable markets.

But next to enjoying being immersed n a local culture praised for its hospitality, you will also benefit from the unique campus culture: we work in smaller groups at the Morocco campus, ensuring you benefit from our didactical innovations in personalized teaching. To further stimulate your academic growth, there is a creativity centre, a learning centre, and a space dedicated to group work. The ESSEC Africa campus can house approximately 80 students, in integrated residences. That is to say, the student houses are close to the classrooms. Finally, because the program offered at this campus employs both professors and professionals from West and North Africa, you will not only benefit fro expert teaching but also become optimally prepared for business in that region.

Choose the ESSEC Africa campus if:

  • You are attracted to developing your cultural versatility, simultaneously managing three very different cultural influences;
  • You wish to study in French, outside of France;
  • You want to make the most out of personalized, more intimate class setups with state-of-the-art facilities;
  • You are interested in interacting with locals while enjoying very affordable living costs;
  • You are drawn towards the richnes Morocco has to offer, from climate and beach to cuisine and culture.


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