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The MSc in Hospitality Managment IMHI is designed for high-­potential young professionals looking to make a career leap in the hospitality industry. ­Are you a future leader of the hospitality industry?

- Are you a young graduate working in the hospitality industry with a bachelor degree or French BTS Hôtelier?
- Are you motivated to challenge yourself and to fast-­track your career in the hospitality industry?
- Do you have a competitive GMAT score and advanced level of English?**

** GMAT will be available Online Mid-April.

Admission deadlines


Online application closing date

Jury date

Round 1

Winter/Spring 2021

Winter/Spring 2021

Round 2

Winter/Spring 2021

Winter/Spring 2021

Round 3

Winter/Spring 2021

Winter/Spring 2021

Step 1: Prepare the tests

As part of the application file, you will need to provide: 

- A management aptitude test: GMAT or GRE (validity 5 years)**: ESSEC does not publish a minimum score as the management aptitude test is just one of the elements taken into consideration in evaluating your application, along with your prior education and experience, your reference letters and your performance in the interviews.  In exceptional circumstances you may request an interview without your final test score (i.e. while waiting for the next available test date).  In such cases if you receive an acceptance offer, it will be conditional and subject to you subsequently attaining a satisfactory score in the management aptitude test.

** GMAT will be available Online Mid-April

- An English proficiency test*: TOEFL (around 100, validity 2 years), TOEIC (around 800), or IELTS (around 7).

Note that these can take several months to prepare. Keep this in mind when registering for the exams as your application will be incomplete without these scores. ESSEC also advises that you take sufficient time to prepare to ensure that you attain the highest score possible.

To send your scores to us, please use the following institution codes: ­

  • GRE: 0839
  • GMAT: X6R-FV-41 ­
  • TOEFL: 0520

* The English test is not required if you are a native English speaker or have completed an English degree.

Step 2: Start your online application

The application form is to be filled in online. Create your account and then you will receive an email with your login and pin number. These are required each time you sign in so don’t lose them! You can fill in the application form at your ease and come back to it at any point.

Step 3: Upload supporting documents

  • A professional résumé (1 to ­2 pages maximum)
  • Official transcripts of grades from all prior academic establishments, plus a copy of all relevant degrees 
  • A copy of your baccalauréat if you are a French candidate
  • Copy of work and internship certificates
  • Copy of passport or ID card
  • Original GMAT or GRE scores
  • Original TOEFL score
  • An ID photo (medium to high resolution digital image)
  • Minimum of 2 letters of recommendation (here is the French and English version of the form)*

All documents must be provided in English or French. Official translations will also have to be provided for documents in other languages.
*The online format of recommendation letter is an important tool to evaluate your application. Therefore, it cannot be substituted by standard format. However, if you already have a standard letter prepared, you may add it in addition to our format.

Step 4: Submit & send your application

Once you have completed your online application and have attached all the supporting documents, the final step is to submit your online application.

The application fee is 75€ which is non-refundable.

Step 5: Find out if you have been shortlisted

Your application will be fully studied by the admission committee. Each part of your application is taken into account. After receiving your application and supporting documents, you will be contacted by ESSEC within 2 weeks.

Step 6: Sit your interview

Shortlisted applicants will be contacted to organize an interview either in person on the Cergy campus or via video-conference.

The interview will last 45 minutes in front of a panel comprising of the Academic Director, a professor, an alumni or another member of staff. The aim of the interview is for you to be able to:

  • Demonstrate your motivation for completing the MSc in Hospitality Management IMHI
  • Show why you wish to study at ESSEC specifically
  • Explain what you hope to achieve afterwards

Step 7: Get your results

The jury will then deliberate on your overall application and decisions will be submitted. You will be notified within two weeks if you have been offered a place in the MSc in Hospitality Management IMHI program along with support documentation for students who have to obtain visas.

French Language Requirements

Students are not required to speak French. However we do encourage international participants to learn French in order to have a truly rich experience while in France or if they wish to find a job in France afterwards. ESSEC's Language Department offers a number of languages to choose from as elective course which are included in the cost of tuition.

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