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When aspiring banker Megan Noelle Chew (below left) wanted to hone her technical skills and deepen her knowledge in finance, she chose ESSEC Business School’s Advanced Masters in Financial Engineering (now known as Master in Finance, or MiF, programme.
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A rigorous Master In Finance with excellent career rewards

Ranked number one in Asia and fifth worldwide for Best Master in Finance by the Financial Times, ESSEC’s Master in Finance is career-oriented and internationally focused. The 15-month, full-time program is conducted in France and Singapore, providing a gateway to European and Asian markets.
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Blazing new trails with the FinTech track

Specialised FinTech track in ESSEC’S Master in Finance places students at the forefront of the digital finance revolution.
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Opening new doors to the financial world

Since its establishment in 1907, ESSEC Business School has developed into one of the top business schools in Europe. Today, ESSEC’s Master in Finance (MIF) program has become a launchpad for students of various backgrounds to pursue a career in the dynamic financial world. Read about how the top-ranked program is helping current student Minh Canh Nguyen get closer to his career goals.
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ESSEC APAC’s Master in Finance cohort networks with Singapore’s leading finance firms and experts

The Master in Finance cohort at ESSEC Business School, Asia-Pacific (APAC) set foot in a number of top financial institutions in Singapore between 20 and 21 November 2019. 
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ESSEC’s Master in Finance – a blue chip for aspiring bankers

How does one make a bullish start to carving out a career in finance? For fresh graduates, summer internships offer a window of opportunity to get their feet in the doors of dream financial institutions that are inclined to hire directly from the intern pool.
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Master In Finance (MiF) students' visit to Amundi & Société Générale 

Recognizing the acceleration of FinTech and how it infiltrates almost every aspect of our daily life, ESSEC APAC has recently added a Finance track to its highly-regarded Master in Finance (MIF) program. Part of the two-day MiF Finance Track study trip in Singapore, we visited the largest asset manager in Europe, Amundi.
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ESSEC APAC Master in Finance students at the National Investment Banking Competition 2020

In March 2020, four of our ESSEC Master in Finance students – Victor BARRE, Jonatan MASSON, François-Alexandre MEDUS, and Matthieu ORO – went to Vancouver, Canada, to take part in the final round of the world’s largest investment banking competition: the National Investment Banking Competition (NIBC).
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How ESSEC’s Master in Finance can help you pivot your career

It’s a common misconception that a successful finance career starts with a finance degree. As we find out from speaking to a banking industry professional and an associate academic director, many start with undergraduate degrees in other fields and use the right follow-on course to pivot their careers in the direction they want to go.
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A Career-focused Formula to Success

With its career-focused curriculum, the ESSEC Asia-Pacific Master in Finance (MIF) program equips graduates with the skills and courage to open doors in the competitive world of finance.
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Investing in Skills for the Future

ESSEC Business School’s Master of Finance (MIF) has consistently ranked as one of the world’s best programs by the Financial Times, with graduates high in demand by recruiters like Ardian, Morgan Stanley, and HSBC. Current students, Raphael Lambert and Nicolas Tan from the ESSEC Asia-Pacific campus share how they see this investment paying off in the future.
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