Campus 2023, four structuring pillars

The transformation of the campus will enable ESSEC to respond to evolving pedagogical methods and research practices, as well as to the innovative urban planning concepts driving the international campus project of Cergy-Pontoise.

To achieve this, the Campus 2023 project is built on four main pillars:

  • the redesign of on-campus circulation (pedestrianization, greening, creating a continuum with the François-Mitterrand park, creation of multiple dynamic spaces, etc.)
  • the creation of a new Sports & Recreation Center, to be shared with the local population
  • the transformation of the “historic” Administrative Tower into the Research Green Tower, which is exemplary in its bioclimatic design
  • the creation of the Pierre Nanterme Center for Responsible Leadership, which includes in particular new and innovative educational spaces.

The Sports & Recreation Center, a modern and versatile sports complex


  • Two stories of multi-purpose sports facilities meeting the needs of students (1,300m² sports hall, 120m² climbing wall, 2 multi-sports halls of 200m² each, a tennis court on the roof),
  • Planned use by local sports associations,
  • Wrapped in a glass shell looking onto the park, with direct access via the park to enable access by local stakeholders.

The Pierre Nanterme Center for Responsible Leadership, optimized for digital teaching and modular spaces promoting interaction with the corporate world


  • Two stories devoted to pedagogical spaces designed to meet the needs of tomorrow (multi-purpose, modular, multi-campus courses, integrating digital teaching innovations, etc.)
  • Ground floor: 700 m² devoted to “Enlightening Entrepreneurship”
  • On the first floor: 700 m² devoted to new teaching methods
  • The building is designed for the possible addition of two further floors, in order to meet future needs.

The Research Green Tower, for the development of cutting-edge research


  • A facility that has been profoundly transformed in order to promote rigorous, relevant, experimental and multidisciplinary academic research based on modular, agile and user-friendly spaces,
  • Spaces dedicated to international research seminars, thesis rooms, new work spaces for professors and doctoral students, etc.
  • Intentionally designed to be exemplary, housed within an eco-responsible and eco-sufficient building.

A green and eco-responsible campus

  • Complete pedestrianization of the campus
  • Establishment of green spaces and trees contributing to biodiversity
  • Opening up the campus landscape to François-Mitterrand Park
  • Development of soft mobility
  • Installation of charging stations for electric vehicles
  • Optimization of the use of roofs in the heart of the Campus.

Campus 2023: the main construction milestones


Work began several months ago, with the demolition of the old gymnasium, and preparatory work on the administrative tower. The construction phase of the new buildings began in August 2021.

Handover of the Sports & Recreation Center: September 2022
Handover of the Center for Creative Learning: 1st quarter 2023
Handover of the Green Research Tower: September 2023

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