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Program cost

Application fee

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Tuition Fees

Valid for 2020 intake

Students completing the program in 2 years*


Master 1 (M1)




- Non-refundable deposit payable within two weeks from the day of admission



- Remaining tuition payable before August 31


Master 2 (M2)

- Payable before August 31


Students completing the program in 1 year*


Master 2 (M2)




- Non-refundable deposit payable within two weeks from the day of admission



- Remaining tuition payable before August 31


*Depending on your prior degree and background


ESSEC Alumni

Alumni Association life-long membership in a lump sum before 31 August.

Living Cost

In France: Montly approximate covering housing, food, etc. 

In Singapore: 
Montly approximate covering housing, food, etc.

SGD 1,120

Financing your program

Students can access one or more of the following options to finance their studies or cover their living expenses


ESSEC Academic Excellence/Diversity Scholarships

Description: To sustain the academic excellence of the program and enhance the education and experience of our students, ESSEC Business School offers the Academic Excellence scholarship to outstanding candidates and the Diversity Scholarship to students with varied cultural perspectives and backgrounds.

Eligibility: Open to all applicants and awarded on the basis of the overall quality of their application i.e. academic excellence demonstrated in the file: outstanding Management test scores, strong motivation, etc.;
Diversity Scholarship - Demonstrate academic excellence and bring diversity in terms of citizenship, prior education or background.

Amount: Can cover up to 50% of total tuition fees.

Procedure: Scholarship decisions are made during the application procedure. There is no additional application to fill out or request to make. Selected students will be notified upon being offered a place on the program. 

3M’s Women Data Sciences Scholarship

Description: Since 2020, ESSEC’s partnership with the 3M Foundation will allow female students admitted to the Master in Data Sciences & Business Analytics to receive a scholarship.

Eligibility: All female students admitted to Master in Data Sciences & Business Analytics are eligible.

Amount: Up to 50% of total tuition fees.

Procedure: ESSEC will submit applications to the 3M Foundation on behalf of the admitted female students from the program. Shortlisted candidates to the scholarship will be contacted for an interview with the 3M Foundation.

LIFE Lebanon Scholarship

Description: A platform to channel the influence of Lebanese finance executives worldwide in order to establish stronger bonds, nurture the next generation and promote Lebanon. 

Eligibility: Candidate must be Lebanese or of Lebanese descent, achieve and maintain academic excellence, demonstrate interest in pursuing a career in Finance and must be in financial need.

Amount: Up to 12 000 USD per year for the duration of the academic program.

Procedure: ESSEC submits applications for LIFE scholarships on your behalf.


Description: The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs funds EIFFEL scholarship.

Eligibility: Reserved for non-French candidates, double nationality included, no older than 30 years old at the time the selection committee will meet (around mid-March).

Amount: A monthly allowance of €1,181 and covered costs of one international return journey and social security cover.

Procedure: ESSEC submits applications for EIFFEL scholarships on your behalf. Your application should be completed and submitted therefore in the first round of applications.


Bank Loans

As an ESSEC student, you can take out a preferential rate bank loan, which covers full tuition and is repaid starting at the end of your first year of work.

Loan applicants are required to have a guarantor living in France. According to the banks, the guarantor must earn enough to cover the monthly loan payments but also either be a French citizen, a close family member and/or both. Additional fees and expenses will be the responsibility of the student.

Prodigy Finance

International Students from 150 different nationalities admitted to the MSc in Data Sciences & Business Analytics may now apply to Prodigy Finance loans. Contrary to the banks in France, Prodigy does not require a collateral or co-signer. These loans are granted on the student's future earning potential and does not take into account credit history.  Students may apply online on the Prodigy website. There is no hidden fee or early repayment fee. Interest rates may vary depending on individual profiles. Funds are directly disbursed to the school in euro (€) so no exchange rates are borne by the student. Disbursement starts from September and loan application processing time may go up to a month and a half. The sooner you apply, the better. We advise you to read carefully the Prodigy website to check your eligibility before applying. 

Student jobs

ESSEC employs its’ students in a wide variety of functions which can help towards everyday living costs. These are part time short-term contracts in for example assisting teachers, carrying out market research, helping out at conferences and events, contributing to social media, etc.

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