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A word from our Dean

Become inclusive and responsible leaders the world needs

The ESSEC Grande École program is one of the oldest and the most prestigious Master in Management (MIM) programs in the world. Its objective is to educate the next generation of responsible top leaders, who will positively contribute to the social and environmental transition the world has to face. The values of humanism and excellence that have permeated ESSEC since its creation in 1907 are more relevant than ever. Today, they are reflected in our Together initiative by a commitment to diversity, inclusiveness and sustainable development.

You will be exposed to ESSEC’s unique pioneering spirit, which is at the core of our DNA. ESSEC’s world-class faculty will expose you to the latest theory on management and leadership on our campuses in Paris, Singapore, and Rabat (Morocco).

During your studies, you will be able to design your own career path, become an entrepreneur of your own learning journey, tapping into any of the program’s 50 specialization tracks. Or you may embark on a shorter version of MIM to harness the outcomes of a swift learning journey that you can experience with a one-year intensive track.

You can volunteer and become involved in one of our hundred student associations and alumni clubs dedicated to making the world a better place.

Throughout your journey, ESSEC's Metalab team is at your side to help you understand and leverage new technologies such as artificial intelligence and data analysis to bring your projects to fruition. Accompanied by our network of more than 100 academic partners worldwide, with Flexible track you will put your ideas into practice or create your own business through our Enlightening Entrepreneurship Centre with its various incubators, such as ESSEC Antropia, dedicated to social entrepreneurship.

Our students are restless innovators, exploring new frontiers around the globe through, and applying new concepts such as imagination techniques and design thinking for the betterment of society.

Finally, you will be part of ESSEC’s powerful alumni network from your first day in the program. Our 69,000 alumni occupy leadership positions in all major sector, function, and country in the world. If you are ready to live up to the challenge and embrace ESSEC’s values of academic excellence, and responsible leadership, we are thrilled to welcome you into our Master in Management program!


Emmanuelle LE NAGARD Academic Director of the Master in Management 

Emmanuelle LE NAGARD
Academic Director of the Master in Management (MIM) - Grande Ecole
Professor, Marketing Department
Doctorate in Management, HEC Paris
Habilitation to Supervise Research (HDR), Université Paris Dauphine-PSL

What does the MIM program look like?

You have the choice between starting at the ESSEC France campus (in Cergy) or at the ESSEC Asia-Pacific campus (in Singapore).

Depending on your choice, the curriculum of the first year varies.

You will then continue your journey on the campus of your choice and around the world.

Starting in Singapore

Start your MiM in Singapore


*5 Transversal SPOCs (online courses) all around the year

Intensive 1-year track

Flexible 2-3 years track



Sept. to Dec.

Asian Strategy Consulting Project: Consulting Project with Study Trip validating 1 month of international and professional experience, 1 language course, and Career modules

Refresher courses
Junior Consulting Experience

Jan. to Mar.

Imagination Week

Imagination Week

5 core courses, 2 electives, 1 language course, and Career modules

Business Management in Asia

Corporate Finance

Fintech in Asia

Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Sustainability

Apr. to June

4 core courses, 3 electives, and Career modules



July Aug.

CFT* Track (5 electives) or GMA* Track (5 electives), and Career modules

Personalize your program in Singapore, France, Morocco or worldwide

Sept. onward

End of Intensive MiM Track

Flexible MIM continues at ESSEC France, Singapore or Morocco campus

Enjoy all ESSEC has to offer
*Corporate Finance Track or Global Manager in Asia Track

Starting in France

Start your MiM in France


*5 Transversal SPOCs (online courses) all around the year

Intensive 1-year track

Flexible 2-3 years track



Sept. to Dec.

Refresher courses (if applicable), 3 core courses, 5 electives, 1 language course, and Career modules

Refresher courses

Personalize your program (in France or worldwide)

Jan. to Mar.

iMagination Week
3 core courses, 3 electives, 1 language course, and Career modules

iMagination Week
Academic or Professional Experience

Apr. to June

3 core courses, 3 electives, 1 language course and Career modules



July Aug.

Consulting project with study trip validating international and professional experience (at least one month out of France)

Personalize your program in Singapore, France, Morocco or worldwide

Sept. onward

End of Intensive 1-year MIM Track

Flexible 2-3 years MIM Track continues at ESSEC France, Singapore or Morocco campus

Enjoy all ESSEC has to offer

*SPOC: based on RISE Strategy. We are collectively facing major economic, environmental, health, and social challenges that call for action. In this complex period of rapid and profound change, companies, organizations and their leaders have a key role to play in responding to the questions that lie ahead. The business schools that train many of these leaders and influence their practices through research must transform themselves to be aligned with these new needs. You can take 5 SPOCs spanning across the three major themes of the strategy of ESSEC: Sustainability, Artifical Intelligence, and Entrepreneurship.

Adaptability is at the heart of MIM program!

With the flexible track, build your own academic, professional, and international curriculum each trimester by studying in France, Singapore, Morocco, or around the world.

Or follow the intensive track’s pre-structured, shorter curriculum with the possibility to choose between electives to adapt it to your professional project studying in France or in Singapore.

Starting at the ESSEC France Campus

At the ESSEC France Campus:

With the flexible track, you start with refresher courses which are geared at bringing your current knowledge to the required level or you can even start core courses of the Master's program if you already have a previous background in management. After that, from trimester 2 onwards, you will personalise your curriculum: next to following core courses you choose from the many electives (more than 200) that you find interesting.

With the intensive track, you will have access to online resources to work during the summer to acquire the fundamentals of management courses and be able to start the core courses and electives of the MIM program. You gain the essentials with 3 core courses and 3 to 4 electives each trimester so you have a choice even within a condensed curriculum. You also get to study an additional language right from the first term.

Want to broaden your horizons?

As part of flexible MIM, you can also choose to do courses or pursue a double degree at one of our 105 partner universities you decide when to do what, so this could also be a period when you do not have a class, instead do an internship, apprenticeship, volunteer or accrue other professional experience.

An intensive track, on the other hand, offers its students a study trip to validate international or professional experience of at least one month out of France.

Starting at the ESSEC Asia-Pacific Campus

At ESSEC Singapore Campus:

Flexible track:

Exclusively in Singapore, refresher courses are integrated with hands-on business consultancy experience with respectable firms operating in Asia (Club Med, Sodexo, etc.). From the challenges of social business to entrepreneurial initiative, you will be able to put your knowledge into practice. Watch the video to discover Junior Consulting Experience: 


Choose a Track in Trimester 2 & 3 after your refresher courses from the following:

- Corporate Finance - Allows you to specialize during your foundation year in a dedicated track where you study major financial concepts, measure time value of money, structuring linear derivatives, etc. 

- Business Management in Asia - Provides you with a solid foundation for a steep and successful career in Asia: home to a few of the fastest growing and most promising economies in the world. 

- Innovation Entrepreneurship & Sustainability - Lets you become a part of the Silicon Valley of Asia and bring business ideas to life: ESSEC's partnership with the Action Community of Entrepreneurship (ACE) Singapore and its close proximity to LaunchPad@JTC provide a conducive environment for budding entrepreneurs. 

- Fintech in Asia - This track is oriented towards students wishing to pursue a career linking technology, innovation and finance to provide automated banking, insurance and trading services and risk management, to serve consumers (applications on smartphones…) and to design electronic platforms (crowdfunding, cryptocurrency…).

As said, starting in Singapore provides the benefit of guaranteed access to these tracks.

Intensive track:

Students choose intensive track to make their mark in the job market as soon as possible. You embark on an intensive and fast-track validation of academic courses throughout the year. However, your experience is not limited to academic curriculum only. In the first term (T1), you continue to immerse yourself into the MIM with consulting project, study trip, Imagination Week, etc.

One innovative pedagogical component of the Grande Ecole program is the Asian Strategy Consulting Project (ASCP) in partnership with Capgemini Invent. Created seven years ago, this project was implemented with the view to provide digital transformation strategy, revamping business models to address challenges faced by companies in the Asian region. Check out the video below: 


Unprecedented adaptability of the curriculum to your project

Get the foundation you need

With both tracks, you validate 9 mandatory core courses which can be taken on either ESSEC campus, as well as 5 transversal SPOC (online courses). 

  • Financial Accounting & Reporting

  • Management Control

  • Business Economics

  • Principles of Finance

  • People & Organizations

  • Marketing Management

  • Strategy & Management

  • Managing IT in Digital Age

  • Operations Management or Law (To choose from a selected list of courses)


Build your academic curriculum 

200+ elective courses offered in English and in French. All tracks on the Singapore campus are taught entirely in English. Some tracks are offered on both campuses; others are campus-specific.

Flexible track

With the remainder 70% of course requirements, you are free to choose to continue your studies in France or in Singapore or study in an international exchange or double degree.
Choose a generalized path or specialize in one particular job or field via the specializations offered. At this point, it is entirely up to you to decide what you study, depending on where your interests lie and what best fits your future career plans. Please note that some specializations on the Cergy campus are taught entirely or partially in French so a grasp of the French language for international students is necessary if they wish to add these courses to their curriculum.

Intensive track

Each trimester, students have a possibility to choose up to 3 or 4 electives from the 200+ electives available in the MIM program. While acquiring the base with core business courses, students specialise at the same time to give an edge to their academic curriculum.

For a comprehensive list of all courses on offer, refer to our course catalogue: 

Click here to download the Course Catalogue



¤ Global ESSEC Circular Economy Chair
¤ Chaire Entrepreneuriat et Innovation à impact | Taught in French
¤ Chaire ESSEC Talents de la transition écologique | Taught in French


¤ Corporate Finance in Asia Track
¤ Economics Track | Taught in English and in French
¤ ESSEC-ISUP Risk & Actuarial Track (To qualify as an ‘Actuary’ of Institut des Actuaires)
¤ Finance Track (In partnership with the CFA) | Taught in English and in French
¤ Financial Markets in Asia Track
¤ Fintech in Asia Track
¤ Shaping the future of Finance Chair in partnership with AXA IM Alts


¤ Entrepreneurship Track | Taught in English and in French
¤ Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Sustainability in Asia Track
¤ Filière Entreprendre en Afrique | Taught in French
¤ The ESSEC Ventures Incubator


¤ Accenture Strategic Business Analytics Chair
¤ Digital Disruption Chair by BNP Paribas
¤ Information Strategy and Governance Chair
¤ Chaire de Grande Consommation | Taught in French
¤ Chaire Media & Digital | Taught in French


¤ ESSEC Sports Chair
¤ Food Business Challenges Chair
¤ Innovation and Health Chair, Innovation in Health Option
¤ Chaire Innovation et Santé, Option systèmes de santé | Taught in French


¤ Business Analytics Methods Track
¤ Information Systems Track
¤ Operations Management Track | Taught in English and in French
¤ Operations Management in Asia Track


¤ Leading a Beauty Brand Chair
¤ The LVMH Chair: Future of Luxury


¤ Asian Strategy Consulting Project (Track)
¤ Business Management in Asia Track
¤ Global Manager in Africa Track
¤ Global Manager in Asia Track
¤ Filière Conseil en Stratégie | Taught in French


¤ Real Estate - The RICS Track
¤ Real Estate & Sustainable Development Chair | Taught in English and in French
¤ Chaire d'Economie Urbaine | Taught in French
¤ Filière Affaires publiques – préparation aux concours de la fonction publique | Taught in French
¤ Filière Cursus Droit | Taught in French
¤ Filière Géopolitique, défense et leadership | Taught in French
¤ Filière Géopolitique et négociation | Taught in French
¤ Filière Immobilier-RICS | Taught in French


¤ Chartered Institute of Management Control CIMA Track
¤ Consulting, Finance & Organization – CFO Track | Taught in English and in French
¤ Cursus DSCG (Diplôme Supérieur de Comptabilité et de Gestion) | Taught in French


¤ Global Circular Economy Chair
¤ Leadership & Diversity Chair
¤ Management & Philosophy Track
¤ Management & Society Track
¤ Chaire ICP-ESSEC Entreprises et bien commun | Taught in French
¤ Filière Philosophie et Stratégie pour l’innovation responsable | Taught in French


You also have to study a foreign language during your time at the school. If you do not speak French, you will take a mandatory French language course. You are also free to study additional languages: German, Arabic, Mandarin, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Brazilian, Portuguese, and Russian.


Professionnal experience and Career Modules

To really be competitive in the job market as a young graduate, you will already be up-and-running and ready to go having had a minimum of 12 months of work experience. Whether you acquired it during the program with the flexible track or you already applied to the MIM intensive track with a prior validated professional experience of 12 months, you are set to enhance your employability. ESSEC provides career support and guidance to students and alumni alike.

Flexible track - If you have relevant work experience prior to joining the program, you have the option to use this as credit.

Whatever your career aspirations regarding the field you want to work in, the type of job you take on, the length of your contracts, or even the location, you will have the flexibility to choose from or mix and match several options:

  • Apprenticeship - In 1993, ESSEC Business School was the first business school in France to offer apprenticeship programs to its students as an opportunity for them to gain valuable professional experience. Apprenticeship contracts at ESSEC Business School are accepted on the condition that the content of the assignment and the financial stipulations with the company have been validated by ESSEC Business School prior to the start date of the contract. 

    An apprenticeship is a special way for students to acquire professional experience within the program, where you alternate study at ESSEC and work at a company at the same time. Different 'rhythms' of alternating are possible. Some students do it on a weekly basis: they work for 3 days and study at ESSEC for 2 days per week. Others have a quarterly basis, where they work for 3 months, followed by 3 months of studying, etc. 

    Another advantage of apprenticeship is that you follow the course free of tuition fee for the whole duration of the program. Other tuition charges may apply (ESSEC Alumni, etc.). The company also pays you a salary each month. 

  • Internships - The classic route where depending on the company and type of job role, you will spend 1 longer period of time in 1 company as an intern or a trainee manager or if you prefer you can look to spend several shorter stints in various companies. 

  • Work contracts - You may be lucky enough to go straight into paid employment on a fixed term (CDD) or even a permanent (CDI) contract or graduate scheme.

  • Creating your own company - With the flexible track, students can validate their professional experience by creating their own company.

  • Community life 

  • VIE-VIA - This is an international volunteer program only available to EU citizens under the age of 28. The positions are more like real jobs and can be based in embassies and cultural centers or in overseas branches of large companies in a wide range of sectors.

Intensive track - The intensive track provides an opportunity to have a special 1-month international professional experience.


Adaptability in building your international experiences

In today's job market, you have to be able to work in and understand multicultural and multi-linguistic teams. The international experience integrated in the MIM will provide this exposure whether it is through your studies and/or work experience.

Flexible track

The 6 months of international exposure is mandatory for all students and should be outside of your country of origin (nationality/residence).

The international experience can be acquired through:

  •  Professional experience abroad – The internships and VIE/VIA contracts abroad are considered as an experience abroad (see “Professional”)
  • Multi-campus - Study at one or all of our ESSEC campuses in France, Singapore and Morocco to get a taste of management training in European, Asian and African contexts and build up professional networks on both continents (see “Academic”)
  • Exchange programme - Spend a semester or two at one of our 105 partner universities worldwide and open yourself up personally but know what it is like to study in another prestigious institution with a different education system and different way of doing and seeing things.
  • Double degree programme - Become fully immersed in another culture and country, acquire two sets of competencies and experience two ways of learning through one of 11 double degree programs.

International students are exempted from carrying out this international experience in flexible MIM, however, are not limited should they wish to pursue this experience. If you have relevant international experience prior to joining the programme, you have the option to use this towards credit.

Check out the double-degree programs below:

Australia: UQ Business School, University of Queensland; Canada: Queen's School of Business; China: Guanghua School of Management, Peking University; Germany: University of Mannheim; India: Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad; Italy: Università commerciale Luigi Bocconi of Milan; Japan: Keio Business School; Mexico: EGADE Business School; Singapore: Nanyang Business School, Nanyang Technological University; South Korea: Graduate School of Business, Seoul National University; Graduate School of International Studies, Seoul National University (GLIMPSE Double Degree*)


*With the support of the European Union in the context of Bilateral Cooperation with Industrialised Countries

If you have relevant international experience prior to joining the programme, you have the option to use this towards credit.


Intensive track

Students are required to have validated at least 6 months of international experience prior to joining the intensive track. While in the program, at least one month of international professional experience is mandatory in the intensive track. It should be outside of your country of origin (nationality/residence).


Triple Crown Accreditation

The academic excellence of ESSEC’s programs is recognized through its international standards in management training, and it holds the prestigious ”Triple Crown“ of accreditations: EQUIS, AACSB, and AMBA. 

Accreditation by Recognition

Master Degree

The ESSEC Grande Ecole/Master in Management program is authorised by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation to award a recognised BAC+5 degree, Master’s Grade, to its students. Authorisation was delivered following assessment by the national Management Programmes Assessment Commission (Commission d’Evaluation des Formations de Gestion - for a renewable period. This Commission undertakes assessment for all programs, with or without the Master’s Grade, delivered by business schools that are recognised by the French State to guarantee the quality of teaching delivered and the value of their degree.

Since the number of ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) and other requirements to graduate from the program like international and professional experiences are the same for both Intensive and Flexible tracks, therefore, the above recognition is valid for both tracks on both campuses: France and Singapore.

'Welcome to France' - 'Bienvenue en France'


ESSEC Business School has been recognized by Campus France and the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation for the quality of its international students’ welcome. The school received the highest level that can be obtained from the "Bienvenue en France" certification, which is the third level. This certification recognizes the quality of ESSEC's reception in all the criteria provided:
  • The quality and accessibility of information
  • The welcoming of new international students
  • The academic offer
  • Accommodations
  • Campus life
  • The quality of post-graduate follow-up

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