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A Word from the Academic Directors

Managing complexity in a global business world.

Thriving in today’s global business environments requires a unique set of skills. One must be able to navigate through volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) contexts with strategic thinking, critical reasoning, creativity, problem-solving, collaboration, and strong communication skills.

ESSEC Business School’s Master in Strategy and Management of International Business (SMIB) program is ranked 2nd worldwide in 2023 by QS among Masters in Management programs and 1st in Asia. The program offers customized tracks and specializations that equip participants with solid analytical, digital, strategic, innovation, and entrepreneurial skill sets that are highly sought after in a competitive job market.

As a student of SMIB, you will have the opportunity to participate in hands-on assignments and company projects, benefit from an outstanding learning experience, and learn from a world-class faculty. You will also join a global community of 69 000 ESSEC alumni, including more than 3 000 former SMIB participants.

We look forward to welcoming you to our campuses in Greater Paris or Singapore.


Academic Director - France Campus


Academic Director - Singapore Campus


The SMIB Experience

Strengths of the SMIB program

Be prepared to join the global job market with this internationally-focused program, which includes:

- A professional business mindset in all aspects of the program
- 100% of courses taught in English
- Choice of a specialized track in France or in Asia, each with a specific career goal in mind
- Exchange and double degree opportunities with leading academic partners (Depending on your track choice)
- An international business seminar
- The possibility of learning French, Mandarin or Spanish as a foreign language (M1 - French, Spanish or Mandarin, M2 - French for international students)
- Integrated professional experiences
- Tailored experiences to help you excel in the job market
- The chance to mix with a highly diverse class and teaching faculty

What does the SMIB look like?

The duration of the Master SMIB is 2 years (Master 1+Master 2) or 1 year (Master 2 only), depending on your background and latest degree.
If you have or are currently pursuing:
- A 3-year Bachelor or a Licence 3 (In any discipline) at the minimum: You will complete the program in 2 years (M1+M2)
- A 4-year Bachelor's or a Master's Degree (In any discipline) at the minimum: You will complete the program in 1 year (M2)
If the commission board finds that your background is strong but not complete enough in some required aspects, we may ask you to complete the program in 2 years (M1+M2) instead in order to build up your strengths and ensure your success.

Master 1 (M1)
A year to grasp the prerequisites of strategy and decide where to specialize during the M2

Academic Courses ¤ Professional Workshops ¤ Case Studies ¤ Company Missions ¤ Languages 

Master 2 (M2)
A year to choose your track and gain specialized knowledge and experience, integrating critical thinking about sustainability and responsible leadership



Focus on Western Countries

Focus on Asian Countries

Focus on Western Countries

Focus on Asian Countries

Option to do an Exchange/Double Degree

Academic Courses ¤ Professional Workshops ¤ Business Simulation ¤ Case Studies ¤ Company Missions ¤ Soft Skills

A professional and business-oriented program

Broaden your international exposure

Students from the Corporate Strategy track at ESSEC France (Cergy) or ESSEC Asia-Pacific (Singapore) have the opportunity to do an exchange or double degree program. These experiences will further broaden your international perspectives and immerse you in a different business environment, allowing you to grasp the specificities of doing business in different countries.

Exchange Program

  • Smith School of Business, Queen’s University, Toronto, Canada | Focus on Global Business Environment, January-April
  • ESSEC Africa campus, Rabat, Morocco | Focus on Global Manager in Africa, January-June

Double Degree

  • Master in International Business, Darla Moore School of Business - University of South Carolina, Columbia, United States | Focus on International Business (optional Business Analytics Certificate), January-May 
  • MBA, EGADE Business School, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico | Focus on Entrepreneurship, January-August

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Apply what you’ve learned throughout the program

In line with ESSEC Business School’s unique pedagogical approach of learning-by-doing, you will participate in a range of activities where you will interact with students from other programs and benefit from different perspectives brought about by diverse backgrounds and experiences. Such learning environments prepare you for the global workplace of today and tomorrow, where adaptability and cultural sensitivity is key.

Digital Week Competition (DWC)

At ESSEC France (Cergy), Elective Course

Live a unique, enriching and stimulating experience developed based on the learning-by-doing approach.

The Digital Week Competition (DWC) is a massive one-week competition involving students across different programs.

75 teams of students play the role of digital consultants, combining the strengths and expertise of each individual. They are asked to develop a digital strategy based on a brief from one of 25 partner companies.

The DWC is a unique opportunity to address the topic of digital transformation in companies and discover the true potential of a multidisciplinary team.

Companies involved in last year’s DWC include Novartis, BFM TV, Christian Dior, Henkel, Servier, Club Med, L’Oréal, and many more.

Sustainability Workshops and Seminars

At ESSEC Asia-Pacific (Singapore) and at ESSEC France (Cergy), Elective Course

Balancing growth and sustainability has become key for businesses across all industries. Through the Sustainability Workshops and Seminars, you will be immersed in sustainability topics to strengthen your awareness and sensitivity towards related issues in seminar and workshops like Business and Society Seminar, Social and Sustainable Innovation Workshop, Responsible Innovation Bootcamp.

Get involved through SMIB student activities

Students can get involved through various student associations and activities, including:

Stratngo Consulting

Benefit from a career-focused academic curriculum

Anchored in a case-based approach, the pedagogy presents students with international business situations thanks to the Faculty that blends academic and professional perspectives for teaching excellence, with most lecturers holding a Ph.D., thus being experts in their field, and representing more than 20 different nationalities.

Year 1 (Master 1; M1)

At ESSEC France (Cergy)

Depending on your background and latest degree, you will start the program in M1 and the total duration is 2 years (M1+M2).

You will begin the program with courses which will help you build your foundations in strategy and understand how international complexity impacts business conduct. Through this first year, you will also discover your professional interests, to help you decide which track to choose in Year 2 (M2).

Examples of courses include:

  • Fundamentals of Marketing
  • Introduction to Data
  • Global Trends: Innovation & Internationalization
  • Sustainable Development and Managerial Challenges

Examples of Seminar and Workshops include:

  • Social and Sustainable Innovation Workshop

Chairs at ESSEC

You will do a 3 to 6 months company mission at the end of M1.


Year 2 (Master 2; M2)

At ESSEC France (Cergy) or ESSEC Asia-Pacific (Singapore)

Depending on your background and latest degree, you will start the program in M2 and the total duration of the program is 1 year (M2), or you will continue with the second year of the program (M2) if you started in M1.

Choose a track and immerse yourself in a Western or Asian business environment through ESSEC Business School’s campuses in France or Singapore, based on your professional goals.

You will delve into track-specific courses tailored to equip you with the specific competencies required for your career:

Apply to the track which best suits your goals:

Master 2 (M2)
A year to choose your track and gain specialized knowledge and experience, integrating critical thinking about sustainability and responsible leadership




Choose this track if you are aiming at positions with a strategic standpoint. 

The track curriculum will give you a macro-view of key functions in a company, with hands-on learning to develop competencies that will help you open the doors to strategy-related roles. 


Choose this track if you are aiming to work as a consultant. 

The track curriculum will prepare you for the specific recruitment processes in consulting through case-cracking workshops, consulting interview preparation and courses on competitive strategy, soft skills for consulting, etc. 



Focus on Western countries: in France

(ESSEC Cergy campus)

Focus on Asian countries:  in Singapore

(ESSEC APAC campus)


Focus on Western countries: in France

(ESSEC Cergy campus)

Focus on Asian countries:  in Singapore

(ESSEC APAC campus)


Download the brochure to learn more about the courses offered in each track.

Whatever track you decide to follow in France or in Singapore, you will not be thrown in at the deep end but first gain all the necessary knowledge and skills via the fundamental and core courses such as:

  • Intercultural Communication
  • International HR Management
  • Research Methods for Managers
  • SIMTRADE - Financial Markets Simulation

You will start the year with team building and cover various topics taught in professional and dynamic formats including interactive seminars, simulation games and workshops.

Students beginning the program directly in Year 2 (M2) will participate in Refresher Courses at the start of the program.

Acquire professional experience

At ESSEC Business School, students are in constant interaction with the business world, putting them in the best position to successfully build their careers.

Year 1 (Master 1; M1)

Depending on your background and latest degree, you will start the program in M1 and the total duration is 2 years (M1+M2).

3-6 months Company Mission

The 3 - 6 months company mission occurs at the end of Year 1 (M1). This integrated professional experience allows students to put the knowledge and skills they have learned into practice in a real-life context.

M1 students from the 2022 intake obtained internships in companies such as Accuracy Consulting, Air Liquide , Airfit, Altran Technologies, Ambassade de France en Inde, Bestinbrands PTE Ltd., Chanel, Clarins France, Dassault Systèmes, Deloitte Consulting GMBH, Doctolib, Edenred, Eight Advisory Belgium, Company Focus, Essilor International, Euler Hermès Services, Eurazeo, EY, Ici et là Productions, KPMG Advisory S.p.A., L'Oréal, Martell & Co., Octolis, Thetys Invest, Toyota, Ubisoft EMEA, YUYU UG.

Company mission can also be validated by working in Start-ups and Scale-ups created by our students and Alumni under ESSEC Ventures, the business incubator of ESSEC.

Year 2 (Master 2; M2)

Depending on your background and latest degree, you will start the program in M2 and the total duration of the program is 1 year, or you will continue with the second year of the program (M2) if you started in M1.

4 to 6 months Company Mission

For students based at ESSEC France (Cergy) in the Corporate or Consulting track or students at ESSEC Asia-Pacific (Singapore) in the Corporate track who do not choose the Asian Strategy Challenge mentioned below.

The 4 to 6 months company mission takes place at the end of the program, and is designed to facilitate students’ professional integration. It enables them to apply their newly acquired skills and knowledge to hands-on experience in an organization.

Companies hiring last year’s SMIB students for the Company Mission include AXA GIE, , PWC France, Corporate Value Associates France – CVA, CHANEL SAS, HENKEL BELGIUM NV, WILLIAM GRANT & SONS France, Amazon EU SARL, Succursale Française, PROCTER & GAMBLE France, PSA Automobiles, AMARIS FRANCE SARL, ROLAND BERGER MIDDLE EAST W.L.L., Freenow, KURMA PARTNERS, Airbus, CRÉDIT AGRICOLE SA, OLIVER WYMAN LTD, ARTEFACT, LVMH Fragrances & Cosmetics Singapore, Deloitte Mexico, Lafarge, Capgemini Consulting, CIE IBM France, MCKINSEY & COMPANY INC FRANCE, Air Liquide SA, ESTEE LAUDER COMPANIES EUROPE, Christian Dior Couture, THE BCG AND CIE – BCG, CARTIER INTERNATIONAL, CHRISTIAN DIOR COUTURE, Renault SAS, DHL, Customer Solutions & Innovation, GE Renewable Energy, Sanofi-Aventis France, FLASH CONTRACT – PAPERNEST, INTERNATIONAL FLAVORS & FRAGRANCES (IFF) France, EULER HERMES SERVICES, CHRISTIAN DIOR COUTURE, ARTHUR D. LITTLE, L'Oréal, Allianz Global Investors Gmbh, OPTIC TECHNOLOGY, DASSAULT SYSTÈMES, Eastsping Investments, GE MEDICAL SYSTEMS SCS

7-month Asian Strategy Challenge

For students based at ESSEC Asia-Pacific (Singapore) in the Consulting track. Students based at ESSEC Asia-Pacific (Singapore) in the Corporate track have a choice between the 7-month Company Mission or the Asian Strategy Challenge.

This 7-month consulting mission is mandatory for students following the Consulting track in Singapore. It is the best way to put into practice all the soft and hard skills needed to become a qualified consultant. Students have to act as a real consulting team, under the supervision of an ESSEC coach, on a mission that is proposed by a company or an economic cluster located in the Asia-Pacific region.

Examples of companies which propose projects include: L'Oréal, Loopedin, Maison21G, NewRIIS, DHL, GetGo, Grab, etc.

Year-Long Digital and Innovation Consulting Mission

For students based at ESSEC France (Cergy)

This year long consulting mission in partnership with KXIOP is open to the students from both tracks 'Corporate' and 'Consulting'. Students work under the guidance of a team of consultants at KXIOP on a real client case throughtout the academic year.

Build your professional network

Whether you study in France or in Singapore, you will benefit from numerous opportunities to meet with industry professionals to help you deepen your understanding of your target industry and expand your network in the field.

One-Week International Business Study Trip

A one-week international business study trip is included in the program and is the perfect opportunity for you to meet with locally-based companies and professionals. Depending on the destination, which changes each year, you will be able to discover a wide range of sectors and delve into local issues.

In the past few years, students have visited Bangkok, Berlin, Geneva, Ho Chi Minh, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, London, Mexico, Milan, San Francisco, Shanghai, Dubai, Barcelona, etc. Companies visited include Accenture, Chanel, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, L'Oréal, Mercedes-Benz, Roche, Roland Berger, 3M, Luxury'n'Sight, Mckinsey & Company, L'Oréal, Richemont, Dataiku, Natixis, Magrabi, Islamic Gulf Investments, Blu Selection, Image de Marque, Procare Health, SAP, Alira Health, Almirall, Pierre Fabre, etc.

Career Day - "What is my job?"

On Career Day, numerous sector professionals are invited to come and present their career path and what their current position involves. Through their sharing, you will gain a better understanding of what various jobs and functions truly entail, and be able to refine your professional project accordingly.

Regular professional talks with industry professionals

Talks on both fundamental and trending topics are regularly organized to keep you up to date with the latest developments in the industry.

Job Preparation Workshops

You will be immersed in workshops or training sessions designed to help you master the recruitment process for consulting, strategy or jobs in digital transformation, depending on your track choice. These sessions will equip you with the skills and tips to excel in the selection process.

An internationally-recognized institution

Accreditation by Recognition

The Master in Strategy and Management of International Business (SMIB) program is authorized by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation to award a recognised BAC+5 degree, Master’s Grade, to its students.

Upon completion of the program, students would have accumulated a total of 300 ECTS to obtain a Master’s degree:



'Welcome to France' - 'Bienvenue en France'

ESSEC Business School has been recognized by Campus France and the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation for the quality of its international students’ welcome. The school received the highest level that can be obtained from the "Bienvenue en France" certification, which is the third level. This certification recognizes the quality of ESSEC's reception in all the criteria provided:

  • The quality and accessibility of information
  • The welcoming of new international students
  • The academic offer
  • Accommodations
  • Campus life
  • The quality of post-graduate follow-up
Triple Crown Accreditation

The academic excellence of ESSEC’s programs is recognized through its international standards in management training, and it holds the prestigious ”Triple Crown“ of accreditations: EQUIS, AACSB, and AMBA. 

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